Our new build project in East Dulwich is nearing completion. A recent site visit by our architect offers a sneak peak at how the home will look when it’s completed this summer; we’ve chosen to give you a glimpse of the stunning basement space housing an infinity pool and state of the art cinema room.

With exposed concrete ceiling, large skylights and original graffiti artwork, this infinity pool really is the pièce de résistance of this new build home in Dulwich.

With space and land ever more valuable in London, PAD Architects worked with our client to transform what was previously a derelict workshop space squeezed between two Victorian houses in South East London into a luxury three bedroomed home.

Keep an eye on this blog for photos of the completed project, but for now if you want to see more of our work check out our portfolio: http://www.hara9.sg-host.com/pad-portfolio/